Is Good for My Business? is a website that specializes in offering professional essay writing services for those in need. In order to create this review, we took it upon ourselves to conduct an extensive research regarding their services. We started with reading the content from their website, continuing with customer reviews and ending with our own order of an essay from their services. Our attempt was to attest whether or not Write My Essay is a legit company.

What They Offer
Upon a closer inspection of their service list, WriteMyEssay seems like the typical website that provides academic writing services for all levels of study. This means that they will range from typical high school essay writing to complex dissertation writing. We also noticed that they offer admission essays as a plus to their list. However, aside from this, we found nothing remarkable to point out concerning their services. We found no resume or business writing; however, we discovered that they do offer formatting services, along with editing and proofreading. Overall, it seems to be the standard package of an academic writing service.

Quality of the Product
We figured that the best way to test their quality was to order our own 4-page paper of a Master’s level. We picked the deadline to be 10+ days and asked for an essay talking about the subplots found in How to Kill a Mockingbird. Our piece was delivered on day 11. It was within the time frame, but what surprised us was that such a basic paper needed so much time to complete.

Furthermore, we were thoroughly disappointed by the essay. The writer did not seem to have understood or even read the instructions, because what we received was a generic How to Kill a Mockingbird paper. It was full of grammar and spelling errors, and we found no information regarding the subplots that we asked for. If a student were to turn that paper in for a grading, we doubt that they would have gotten a passing grade. Reading the reviews from other websites, we noticed the same problems in other customer comments. We could not find any testimonials. Overall, we give their writing skills a poor rating.

The Pricing System
We received a promo code which cut from our price, having to pay $14.99 per page in the end. The price in itself was average, so we didn’t feel as if we received any discounts at all. The prices go from average to high, which would not have been a problem if their writing was up to par. We looked for coupon codes or any other discounts on the WriteMyEssay page, but we could not find anything.

We believe that Write My Essay is not fraud or scam. They seem to be pretty organized, and the paper always ends in the hands of the customer. The only problem we have is with their writing skills. If they do not give serious thought to improving their writing quality, we would think twice about ordering from them again.

Review of WriteMyEssayBiz