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Writing your masters paper is perhaps one of the most challenging things you have to do in your whole life. The bachelor’s degree is a start – but the dissertation is the one-up that will start opening doors for you.

Still, when you have exams breathing down your neck, it can be rather difficult to write on your dissertation – particularly when you also have a job. The average student will always look for some kind of employment, because let’s face it: the money we get from our parents will never be enough for us.

For that reason, websites such as exist. These services have writers working for them – writers that will take the burden off your back and pass you the class. And to make sure you won’t be scammed of your money, you need to read as many customer reviews as possible.

Here is my review of Masters Thesis Writer.

The Service Package

The website may suggest that it deals with Masters-related stuff, but in truth, it provides every level of writing. Therefore, even if you are in high school or a fresher in college, you can still get services for your level. In a way, you could say that offers the full package for every type of student.

You can find everything organized in the menu, which is easily accessible. You can also find samples which will give you an idea of their quality, and you may also opt for extras such as plagiarism reports or revisions.

Testimonials are also present on the website, and you can see for yourself a few opinions of their services. However, considering that these testimonials are generally handpicked by the website admins, most of them will be positive – or at least constructive. If you’ll find some real reviews on this writing company, you can see that most customers aren’t very pleasant by the quality of services from this company.

The Writers and Customer Support

As a great difference from most essay writing services online, Masters Thesis Writing is completely honest about the fact that they also have ESL writers who are not native in the English language.

This website allows you to choose between native and non-native writers, but according to feedback, there’s not much of a difference. Sadly, while there were not many grammar issues, the paper that I have ordered had a lot of filler and repetitive structures. It was clear that their focus was to reach the word count, without any regards of the content.

Plus, the resources used for this paper were also not really appropriate. There were a lot of links leading to non-academic journals and blog spots – but nothing to the official, reliable documentation. The information was there, but there was no way to prove how correct it was. If it had at least one book or one academic journal, I would have been much more satisfied.

The customer support is quickly responsive, and you generally don’t have to wait long until someone picks up your call. They are not, however, completely trained to answer all of your questions – some of them actually being fairly vague. They kept directing me to the order form, which means I would get no answers until the writer picked up my assignment.

Prices and Discounts

Starting at around $20, the prices are above the average, but you could not say they are actually expensive. For masters and doctorate papers, it can go as high as $28 – which is considered highly affordable.

There are no clear discounts on their website, nor could we find anything in reviews – although we did find mentions of them at some point. I did find, however, progressive coupon codes that lower your price depending on how many pages you order. This is a fairly good option if you order longer projects, such as a dissertation.

I could not find a promo code for new customers, which means you could only save by making large orders. Considering that the prices are a bit higher over the average, they could at least try to offer more discounts.

Overall, gets an average rating from me. It doesn’t particularly stand out, but it’s not the worst essay writing service out there either. You may, however, want to pick another service if you want something well-done. The price-quality ratio of this product is low compared to other services out there.

MasterThesisWriting Review